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Well the best laid plans for my start to the new year are shot already. As you may know on Monday the 28th of December I was to get the stitches removed from my back and get a couple of stitches in my shoulder where the doctor removed a basil cell.
I thought everything was going well. I went to the doctor and the stitches were removed with no problem. Then the doctor started working on my shoulder and everything went fine there also. At least as for as the procedure went, it was after when I said: There is no problem with me running a race on Friday, right? The doctor looked at me like I had two heads and said I prefer that you not run for a little over a week, we don’t want you to tear those stitches open and then have a mess on your hands.
At that point I realized my good start to the year was down the drain. I guess it is back to walking for a couple of more weeks. I am hoping to go to the Atlanta Track Club Resolution Run and walk it. It will be difficult to do, but that is my plan right now. Who knows what will happen Friday morning when it is time to get up and go to the race. Knowing I can’t run makes it difficult for me to get motivated to go, but I will try.

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