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Hey! This is Ron again with episode 123 of my update podcast. Today’s date is December 22, does that mean that this is the first day of winter. Yes, it is and the temperature is going to be in the 60’s today plus a little rain.
Well, lets get on with today’s update. Tomorrow it will be a week since I had the procedure done on my back. This thing has been driving me crazy, it itches and the ends of the stitches stick thru my shirt. I will truly be happy when I get the stitches removed.
I have not really done any physical activity since last Wednesday and I think I have added 5 pounds to my weight. So, today I am going to head out and do some walking at Stone Mountain. I will take my recorder with me and try to come up with some random thoughts to pass the time.
Maybe I will start developing my plan for the coming year, I need to get started so I have a running start so to speak.

Intro music was "KerryInGreen" and the Outro was "TurnCoat", both from Digitaljuice at digitaljuice.com.

This podcast was recorded on an Olympus WS-801 digital recorder with a Giant Squid podcasting mic.

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